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At PATMO Solar we are committed to making a positive impact on our environment for a cleaner and healthier tomorrow. Our mission is to provide high-quality residential & commercial solar power solutions for all our clients. Our in-house customer support, construction, electrical, and service teams are dedicated to making your solar installation as seamless as possible.

Whether your project is residential or commercial, we are here to assure that your transition to solar energy is as easy as possible. 

We make the process easy for you, contact us today for a FREE Solar Assessment! Proudly serving South Texas. 


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Residential Installations

Reduce your monthly energy cost today by making the transition to Solar Energy. Our goal is to provide you with a complete residential solar solution. Our professional installation team makes it possible to place solar panels on all types of roofs, ground mounts, and carports. Save money today on your utility bills by making the switch to Solar Energy. Contact Us Today for your FREE Solar Assessment.

Commercial Installations

For businesses, one of the highest overhead costs facing you is the rising cost of electricity. Sudden price increases add uncertainty to your business, especially to your cash flow management. Solar power has become a sustainable and cost-friendly energy alternative for business powers of all sizes. Installing solar power systems might seem like a significant investment at first, but can provide many long term benifits. Contact Us Today to see how your business can benefit from solar panel installation.


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